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Water Softening

What is soft water?

Soft water is free from hardness minerals (primarily calcium, magnesium and iron). Soft water protects equipment and fixtures from the damaging effects of hard water. Soft water also greatly increases cleaning, laundering, and dish washing results. See Kinetico’s range of commercial water softeners



Kinetico is known for brilliantly simple water treatment that's tailored to your home. As a Kinetico dealer, we pride ourselves on delivering professional service that meets the high standards of the products we sell. Tri-Cities Water Store is your local source for home and commercial water treatment systems; the cleanest, greenest and most efficient water systems ever made.


For better water that fits every home and every budget, look to Tri-Cities Water Store. We offer a range of products and approaches to provide your family with a continuous supply of soft, clean water. Ask us which water softener will work for you.


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